Choosing Between Blinds and Curtains


Ah, window treatments. The cost and countless options may make you want to put off their installation forever, but they make such a huge impact from both a design and functionality standpoint that you will regret not making them a top priority. Today we have a guest post by Jessica Kane to help take the guess work out of deciding what window treatments are right for your home.


Choosing Between Blinds and Curtains

When it comes to dressing up windows in the home there are two basic options, curtains or blinds. There are several things to take into consideration when deciding between the two.

Curtains: The Pros

  • As far as d├ęcor goes, curtains take the cake. Curtains are far more visually appealing and offer a lot more variety than blinds. Curtains also allow sun to peak through, which can offer a more visually appealing look to a room.
  • Curtains offer more warmth and sophistication to a room.
  • Thicker curtains offer a good amount of privacy by simply pulling them closed.
  • Curtains do not require much cleaning beyond a good wash every three to four months and the occasional spray of Fabreeze.
  • Installing curtains is relatively simple, requiring a rod, screws, hooks and a power drill. Most individuals can install curtains on their own without the help of a professional.
  • Curtains can last for a long time as long as they are treated properly, washed every few months and kept clear of cats that love to climb.

Curtains: The Cons

  • Curtains tend to be a lot more expensive than regular blinds.
  • Curtains can be difficult to find when looking for specific colors or styles.
  • In order to keep light out of a room, curtains need to be fairly thick, which can cause problems when it comes to installment or cleaning.
  • Curtains tend to be harder to pull closed than blinds, especially if they are thicker. Often, they can get caught or twisted.
  • When curtains do need to be cleaned, it is a longer process, often requiring dry cleaning.


Blinds: The Pros

  • Blinds offer a more professional appearance that goes well with office or business spaces.
  • Several variations of blinds offer things such as wood that create a more visually appealing look than the plastic variations.
  • Blinds are a lot cheaper than most curtain sets.
  • Specific styles of blinds tend to be a lot easier to find than specific curtain styles.
  • Blinds are hard to beat when it comes to functionality. They are easily adjusted to open and close and keep the light from coming into a room.
  • As far as privacy goes, blinds are some of the best, easily blocking the view through any window.

Blinds: The Cons

  • Blinds are not as visually appealing as curtains.
  • Blinds need to be cleaned weekly and attract a large amount of dust. Individuals who are allergic to dust often suffer from having blinds within their home.
  • Installing blinds tends to be more complicated and often requires the help of a professional.
  • Blinds often break easily and need to be replaced a lot quicker than curtain sets.

Taking everything into account, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference whether blinds or curtains come out on top.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Designer Drapery Hardware, a leading vendor of Kirsch Drapery Hardware.

Photo details: Photos are of Alicia Mohr’s home. She installed West Elm Velvet Curtains in Regal Blue and Rods in Antique Brass. In her bedroom, she install Ikea Tupplur Blackout Shades to aid her sleep. They are embellished with DIY tassels.

High/Low: Pharmacy Cabinets

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.26.27 AM

Well, the home remodel continues and so does my battle to not procrastinate by day dreaming about decorating (it should be obvious from this post that I’m currently losing that battle.) Some battles just weren’t meant to be fought, so I indulged myself with a trip to Ikea over the weekend. Truth be told, I was there to buy the curtain rods and curtains that I had meant to purchase and install five years ago (an article that claims that your sleep quality is reduced by up to 40% when light filters into your room finally roused me to action….so please excuse my past fives years of whatever due to poor sleep :)).

Ikea’s curtains and shades are a steal and the quality is good, so be sure to make a trip there before shelling out a ridiculous sum somewhere else. We were also really impressed with the new items from their fall catalog and my jaw dropped when I saw this Fabrikor pharmacy cabinet for $179. This is surely the same cabinet I was drooling over on the Restoration Hardware site for $895 (it’s currently on sale for $535 for a limited time – they must subscribe to the Ikea catalog as well.)

The color sections are a bit different (White and Black for Restoration Hardware and green, dark gray and off white for Ikea), but you could always paint it anyway. My only complaint about the Ikea version is having the key in place of a handle closure. I would probably add a handle as well. I prefer the straight legs of the Ikea model though. Watch out RH; Ikea has your number!